louco e a planura

Houve sempre quem ousasse assustar o amiguinho de escola com um grito repentino, um aparecimento de rompante pelas costas, e toda a panóplia de situações que se consideravam brincadeiras parvas. Mas se no cerne desse prazer predatório e reptiliano, ao qual se identificam as tendências nefastas ao comportamento social agregado pela ética, se fornece fato e gravata, um edifício de onde se condiciona a liberdade dos que prezam mais a vivência que a inocorência, quando se confere difusão massificada do discurso de dicionário próprio, onde a expressividade Humana basiliar, emotiva, se esvai, se molda o compêndio de uma língua oficial muito distante da materna, portuguesa, desprovida de significância, apinhada de objetividade. Ao objetivo se polariza o positivo, o restante negativiza e traduz o que se manifesta na filosofia, nas artes, nas conversas e dizeres populares, nos sussurros emaranhados nos lençois suados do prazer carnal. O real é um indício que se comprova na privacidade. Na via pública, na qual se manifestaria a totalidade do tecido sócio-cultural, se inicia o show televisivo do simulacro. O mimético é servido como bebida instantânea tantos são os inputs de construções frásicas onde caem sistemáticamente os conteúdos, obtendo-se um puzzle linguístico onde quase todas as peças se encaixam entre si. A emoção morre nas duas dimensões da caixa que constituiu a falência da sabedoria, da busca, do instinto de absorver a magia narrada em plurais mundos e dimensões pelos anciãos que carregavam a História do Mundo como uma pena e narravam aos que dela se encarregassem de carregar. Numa tradição oral se aprende que a vírgula não muda, ou a entoação. O que está sempre esteve e dessa emoção que atravessa o tempo mas circula no lugar habitado pelos corpos aquecidos na fogueira inserida no umbigo da Terra, talvez outro orifício que chegue ao uterino, onde o sexo é um coito extenuante entre a sachola e a mãe cuja harmonia se esvaí pelo desgosto no ser humano, criação insustentável para um planeta que quisesse sobreviver. Assim sabemos porque é o 0 a cosmogonia imediatamente antes de ser, e reflete o sorriso existencial de quem se emociona, se arrepia na sensação, sente a pele eriçar, descobre infindos prazeres sexualizados, e com uma mochila atolhada do apogeu sensorial e cinestésico ruma à primeira grande queda.

Se se planifica não se obtem tais quedas, somente as cobertas por folhas em cima de troncos onde um buraco feito na mãe terra a faz deserdar em aleatório, o louco cai. Esse imperador austéro admite que a cobardia é latente, que o raciocínio lhe confere a dádiva de um ceptro e uma cedeira de onde governa outrém para se desgovernar a si mesmo. Se essa cadeira é a única alguma vista, também nenhum louco alguma vez ousou pensar em planificar. E sem plano a queda dá-se com todos os arcanos.

XI – blue silence

the sea was continued
by the blue in the sky
some fishes jumped near his head
the boat start speaking

no poem you had to my journey
no names you know about the path
the last journey was decided
the balance was clear of your actions
Anubis set your journey
to be lost in the first waters
until you dignify the goods
until you speak the magical words
to make me sail to your objective

the boat continued lost
he didn´t say a word
his enemy cut his tongue
right before he died
an eternal blue silence was that world

x – the missing leg

When Joseph felt grabbing the coffin trying not to fall Milton Reyes get pale and felt his blood stop flowing in his body. He trembled before fainting when the coffin felt breaking the head of Joseph that died at the same moment. The corpse felt over a carpet while everyone in the church screamed or just get petrified with such a morbid happening. But the fact of missing one leg of the corpse started a lot of questions after the first shock. Getting the coffin up to where he belonged was not a good idea as pieces of brain started getting of the head of Joseph. Getting the corpse to the coffin again was the main fact to put the question of the missing leg. The confusion was accompanied by the bells what made the nightmares to the rest of lives that where to scared and with great doses of panic for get the eyes shut simply. The priest was putting holy water in the coffin and in Joseph that was with the brain completely out. Milton woke up with his partner screaming for help. Police was arriving and the 2 other workers have run out. It was needed a miracle for the secret of Milton get closed in his life. This was the first time he thought in the idea of what he did with all that pieces of meat that he toked from the corpses. Prison for sure. A scandal in his peaceful and lonely life ruining the sacred cannibalism. Of course. He was a professional. The third in the Anonymous Cannibalistic Society. Making almost all his diet with human meat. But someone falling and grabbing a coffin was not in his ideas. Next to the corpse he found out that the pillows that made the shape of the missing leg were there, and quickly he arranged the corpse quite well. The lost leg was not visible. Although everyone has seen it. When the police arrived he was already lucid. The end of his fantastic career. 112 persons he had eaten. A bit of course. To close to the record of Thomas Helton of 156. When asked for the missing arm of the corpse now covered and closed in the coffin by the demand of the police to try to minimize the panic he get quite confused. Leg he said. The police wanted the story from the start while he was listening that a body had no brain, that the holy water made appear the Devil that pushed the coffin to the floor, or that God made a storm inside the church because of the sins on the death. All was being written by the police without any expression of reality. The truth was that everyone wanted the coffin to go to his hole and the funeral of Joseph get as faster as possible to get the mind out of that morbid situation. The coffin was putted to earth as fast as they could, when more people from the agency arrived. Luckily, because the head of Joseph was all smashed the coffin was closed in the same church. A day to get out of the tragedy of the corpses. Milton found out that the missing of the leg was only one of the hallucinations made by terror. And so he get trough that bizarre episode without being found. An unique moment in the history of the Anonymous Cannibalistic Society, written in the occult biography of the most important cannibal in history. Milton Reyes. 179 persons.

IX – flying ashes

Keaton had a peaceful death. And all arrangements were set to the ritual to take place the day after. A crowd was expecting to see the miracle long promised by the mystic thinker. The magical prophesy was simple. His body was going up. Not down. It was as simple has that. No coffin. No theories on how the soul entered heavens. A fact he told. For him the body, the mind and the soul were a trinity of unity. And if the body were delivered to the earth it made impossible to make the trinity ascend to anywhere. And with this words in mind the crowd saw at the exact time Keaton said that the ritual should begun, it started. His disciples dressed in blue draw a circle in the ground and pilled wood making a perfect cube that was align perfectly with the sun that sun shined through the only hole in the cube. In his center. The body of Keaton was taken naked painted in blue to the top of the cube. All friends of Keaton putted a paper with a poem in the cube. All people waited until the Sun left the hole of the cube that started burning. The disciples of Keaton distribute food and wine to all. Everyone left a drop of wine fall in the earth inside the circle. At the last one the circle started burning as well. And it was with the moon high in the sky the day after that the disciples made the mixture off the ashes and little seeds. 12 cups made the zodiac in the circle that loss his fire in the beginning of the night. That mixture was called the key of heaven. And so it was. Birds arrived. Thousands. Of all species. And one by one they eat the key of heaven. One by one flied away north. Until no more mixture were in the 12 cups. Keaton has gone to heaven and the crowd stayed in silence in that place for a day.


Vicenzo Ruiz had a theory that he wanted to implement long time ago. And that was the day. 4 great genius were sit at a table while Vicenzo putted a helmet to read brainwaves, and all kind of medical resources to evaluate the state of body and mind to reach to a higher level. Geniality. The theory was simple. While making an effort to reach some great conclusion the energy to make the voice prevail over others is sometimes not enough, and with the parallel speeches the idea is gone. For Vicenzo the interruption of someone speech was a cemetery of genius ideas. After all connection made the debate started. The task was simple. To interrupt interruptions. And 3 hours later he had the results, compared with 10 debates, in and without interruptions. It was true. Vicenzo Ruiz send letters to all newspapers and universities. He proved that the interruption of speeches was a cemetery of brilliant ideas. And he received no answers from anywhere.

the drop and the storm

a drop made a leave dance

the bird danced as well

raindrops made the forest dance

the wind stopped

the full moon smiled

birds made drawings with their flight

animals made a circle

and chanted

all clouds dispersed

sparkles of light appeared from raindrops

suddenly wind arrived


clouds covered all the sky

wind get wild and furious

clouds gathered

it started rain

a storm begun

while thunders clashed

a lighting bolt echoed

a furious voice

from far away

the animals went in panic

and get refuge

trees stand still

crying from the leaves

as the dance stopped

but maybe

they could dance another night

VII – The Flower Rain

It was a passion that triggered the destiny of Robin Douglas. In that night of summer he made exactly as the sorcerer told him to do. To stand still under a full moon with a candle in his left hand.

It had been passed 3 years that Melina has tremble his body and delivered his mind to love. During 3 years he tried to get that love back but his father, Isaac, denied such deal with a simple farmer. Thinking that magic was the path, Robin tried all witches, sorcerer, even payed the dead of the father of Melina without success.

The candle was almost gone and the defeat has taken his mind again.

Suddenly someone was walking right to him.

The hope made Robin believe again in his almost impossible quest.

The person get closer and he saw that was Melina father.

Isaac: I see that you travel in the mist of magic.

Robin: It was just a sorcerer that told me to be here.

Isaac: And you are. Just like the prophecy says.

Robin: What prophecy?

Isaac: The Flower Rain.

Robin: Never heard of that…

Isaac: It is going to be in the near future.

Robin: What do i have to do with that prophecy.

Isaac: You will be the body of the prophecy.

Robin: But… I don´t believe in that things…

Isaac: That is irrelevant. The prophecy believes in you.

Robin: But in that prophesy do i have the chance to be together with Melina?

Isaac: Of course. That´s why you are the chosen one.

Robin: What do i have to do?

Isaac: My 4 daughters get the form of snakes during the night. Yesterday while they were in the garden they fell in a hole that appeared suddenly. This was the sign that the prophecy was near. Is your task to save my daughters and be together with Melina for eternity.

Robin: That is to strange for me. It looks like a great danger is in my future.

Isaac: Love is your future. That´s why you are the one

Isaac explained the paths of magic he walked in, and the paths of others like him. Bilton Murroughs was the one that made the hole appeared. In love with one of Melina sisters he tried everything to get her, but the reason that made Isaac deny was the fact that Bilton intended to kill the serpent of the girl, what almost certainly killed her. They were one. Bilton had the powers to try it without killing the girl, but without the snake inside her the girl would die magically. A simple body of flesh. The task was simple. So it seemed to Robin. At the distance of 10 meters he should trow a 4 breads into the hole. If he misses one one of the sisters died. He should do that till the last one, Melina.

Isaac: Love is eternal for you has the prophecy says.

Robin: It seems to simple to achieve.

Isaac: Simplicity is a shadow in your path. Take this 4 breads and go. I will go home wait for my 3 daughters. And i wish you a good life with Melina. Do never be doubt. That is the danger where the magic of Bilton finds his path.

Robin: My wish is to near. No danger will be a cloud for me in my quest for love.

Isaac: I hope so. It´s time.

Sunshine. On the road Robin felt strange feelings. Love. Confusion. Afraid. All mixed up in tremble hands that made him sweat. Probably that fullness of emotions confused his clear mind. When he arrived the hole he get the distance of 10 meters and without thinking he trow the bread achieving the objective. His confidence had rise even more when he get the second. 2 beautiful girls get of the hole and thank him, that run home to his father. The third the same thing. And then all his body trembled. After sweating and tried to find some concentration he decided to get a piece of rope for having a second chance if he missed. As soon as he tight the rope in the bread a girl went out of the hole with a rope in his neck. The pale face started murmuring. Robin run to her touching her in the immediate moment of the last words.

Melina: I want a rain of flowers in this hole. Put me back there and don´t say nothing to my father. Call Bilton. He will show how your love will be eternal. You will make rain flowers in this hole. You will give me flowers forever. Your weakness is greater than your love. And that was my punishment. And yours.

The death was swift. Bilton was at the back of Robin with the hand over the shoulder of one of the sisters. While Robin cried Bilton explained him what to do to eternity. Not long time after Robin was catching all flowers he could to get to the hole and made them rain in Melina. In the first rain he saw Isaac looking at him.

Isaac: Just like the prophecy says.

Robin: What prophecy?

Isaac: The Flower Rain.

shapes in shadows – IV – Kharonte

shapes in shadows – IV – Kharonte

sand delivered a pale light

in the face of the God

footsteps were the proof

of spiritual weight

a spiral made in the night

before silence arrived

it was a whispering of leaves

grabbing his broken thoughts

while the unknown shaped

the golden mountain

of eternal dark shadow

with rocks making the unforgivable path

he shakes a piece of wood

that was memory trembling

all over the beach misted

there was an eternal blood

sweating his hands

memory was an eternal sequence

of a shadow present

red was the color that took him

in a spirit of ashes and drops

never forgetting that traveling

never changed the color

and his memory of that day

made a shadow in the waters of all rivers

a river to forget

was the way of salvation denied to him

and barklings and screams get his name

in all echoes possible

it was time to another journey

made nightmare

has he saw the boat full

of simple humans in agony

no sound or shape to have time to pain

a continuous silent scream

in exausted spirits

and has he aproached the boat

hands putted coins in front of him

gold objects get thrown to his feet

with suplicant murmurs

hands grabed his clothes

has he get the power to make them live

closed in the interval of life

and death he smiled to the sky

all crimes get their own scream

all victims get their own echoes

mixed in salt water and old sand

without words he gathered

all the coins in a old bag

and the garbage brought from the wealth

of the living creatures stroked by power

get pilled in the biggest mountain

of the underworld

Mercury delivered all that health

to the golden mountain

keeping some litle rings to himself

an healhty god just for giving messages

were power and glory were striped way

messages he delivered with sapience

in exchange for the richest objects

soon a storm arrived

mixing the screams with thunders

tears with rain

and Kharonte admired the darkness

turning into a bue sky

as she runned through the beach

with life grabed in her eternal hands

a circle of blue sky and white sand

erased every shadow of the Kharonte

Iris grabbed his hands

and touched his old fingers

sudenly the Kharonte smiled in happiness

a rainbow apeared from the right hand to the left

she spoked all the silence needed

in all light sorrrounding her

and she runned back

as soon as all light she had was delivered

the blue sky and the white colours

of the sand leaved him

as they enlightened the godess path

to the distant sky unkown to him

she get far away when the rainbow disapered

the old hands kept in the same place

admiring what was gone

but erased for quite awhile all dakness

kharon get all silence needed

as the blood river get all coulours

Kharonte was the brother he killed

by the blindness of the propety

of the golden mountain

all rivers get fulfiled by his blood

in the day both died

there was a material task to do

in a painfull path than death opened

straighted away between the colorfoul rivers

and rainbows in the beginig of the voyage

get darker in the mist full of moving corpses

the reason of keeping life in him

was finally delivered from eternal black

at the shore he felt a new live

while tears and screams were silent now

as he saw rainbows in his feet

walking in Hades.

shapes in shadows – V – eyes

shapes of shadows – V – Eyes

the Museum of Finthon opened and in an instant was full. the collection was shown for the first time to the world. the corridors get full of strange murmurings. the crowd saw for the first time the paintings of Ambrose Dale, long gone, murdered for his ideas. The collection was founded in a cellar and the works that were from new mythology in Art were after all real. the most famous essays on his works concerned the eyes. some art critics were called mad, others were believed to drink too much absinthe, others were accused of exploring the subject known to be an easy way of selling books. the opinion was that Ambrose Dale founded a unique technique that made the eyes of the portrait look deep in the soul of the viewer. to deep. what could be a matter of spirituality gone further and further. many claimed that the eyes of all portraits followed the viewer. all portraits. all viewers. this strange idea that made the gallery owner where the portraits were shown for the first time shut the exposition a few minutes after it opened. all paintings have been put in a cellar and then it was the time of Ambrose Dale. killed and his eyes were ripped off. the book Ambrose wrote was put to flames and all mysteries that survived were now in the Museum Of Finthon. the murmuring gets louder as people started moving faster and looking anywhere around very fast and uncomfortable. some people fainted. other were quite static in front of a portrait looking deep in the eyes. others run. the only world that was understood in the middle of the noise was “eyes”. at the exit it was panic that moved all that bodies. “the eyes” someone screamed before fainting and police arrived with ambulances. it was the most strange inauguration ever heard off. only by a few. nothing was told in the press. archives were put to fire. no one in that crowd never mentioned again Ambrose Dale and the eyes of his portraits. the owner of the Museum of Finthon put all paintings in a cellar before the wrath of destruction came. When it arrived the paintings were under his devoted security. he looked one by one and it was true. Amzigling true. the eyes followed him. Stuart Milton was fascinated with that exposition. he never understood the reactions of people. after all, it was only art. now with only one admirer. Him. And he knew that the world was never prepared for that.

shapes in shadows – III – the vesuvian men

He awake in a top of a rock, feeling the wind pushing his body and a noise making a constant giant bat creaming in the center of his head. With tremble hands he get to see how far he was from the ground. Making a circle he founds out that the rock he where was a perfect circle. With his hands in the ears the bat released him. Quite soon he founded out that he where the vesuvian men. Four arms and four legs. Eyes get widely opened with the discovery, but soon they closed has he looked down. Fog gathered and dispersed showing more fog making the same thing. He quickly get laid. He concentrated. Eyes closed and the 4 members opened widely. He closed his eyes and a sudden pain trespassed him. He blasted with an explosion of blood almost covering his eyes. As the scream get louder the lights faded out as he remained with a noise in the center of his head, in a dark shape of a Bird and a Man. Horus probably he thought before the dark shape covered all vision.